Thinking in the Customer’s Market

We have the perfect packaging solution for every product

Our packaging is used in a wide range of markets and industries. Whether for fish, meat or fruit and vegetables, processed food or dairy products – we supply all sectors of the food industry. Also in the non-food sector, we produce creative packaging designs, such as for the flower market, shoe and mail order business or technical component suppliers.


For these climatically highly sensitive goods, we produce large transport and storage boxes as well as shelf packaging, for example for sliced meat products.

Processed Food and Animal Feed

The consumer is convinced by a product whose packaging stands out in appearance and quality. We supply your customer and product-specific product packaging or POS packaging.

Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers

We pack a wide range of goods with a variety of packaging, from product packaging for berries or asparagus, to transport packaging for cut flowers or potted plants, we pack products from agricultural cultivation.

Dairy Products

We produce a wide range of hole trays to safely transport and present yogurt and other dairy products in cups. They can be manufactured to be used in automatic erecting machines and also pre-glued for hand packing. This type of packaging is one of the origins of our company.

Mail Order and Shoes

Individually adaptable to all sizes, easy to ship, easy to open for consumers: Two-part 4-point erectable boxes or 6-point erectable boxes are the optimum packaging solution for dispatch goods.

Technical Components and Fasteners

Durable solid board packaging with high puncture resistance is the ideal type of packaging for these products, which require safe and efficient packaging.